A Decree Canonically Establishing the District Parish of Saint Germaine, Bethel Borough

In order to provide more effectively for the welfare of souls, it has become necessary to establish a district parish for the faithful living in the district of Bethel Borough, Allegheny County.

Accordingly, with the counsel of the Diocese Consultors and the pastors of the adjoining parishes, we hereby decree the establishment of the new district parish of Saint Germaine, Bethel Borough, as described below, perpetually separated from the parishes surrounding it, according to the norms of the Code of Canon Law, Effective June 13, 1957.

The boundaries of this parish will be as follows:

Beginning at Route 88 and Corrigan drive at South Park Entrance; north along both sides of Route 88 to the Bethel Borough-Castle Shannon Borough line; following this line east and north to the Whitehall Borough line; following the Whitehall-Bethel Borough line southeast to the Baldwin Township-Bethel Borough line; south along this line to the Walbash and West Virginia Railway (Thompson Run Branch); northeast along this Railway to McAnulty Road; south along both sides of McAnulty Road to the Baldwin-Bethel line; southeast on this line to the junction of Baldwin and Bethel Boroughs and Snowden Township; southwest along the Bethel-Snowden line to Corrigan Drive in South Park; west along Corrigan Drive to Route 88, the place of beginning.

Pittsburgh this 5th day of June, 1957

+ John F. Dearden
Bishop of Pittsburgh
Jacob C. Shinar
Vice Chancellor